The Girl

Goldie Blox is a female engineer.

She’s not a nerd, and maybe she’s not a genius.

She’s just a creative kid who likes to invent.

She tinkers and builds and isn’t scared to fail.

Because she never gives up.

She loves to construct things.

Delightful things!

Things that rotate and swivel and connect.

Things that solve problems.

Things that make the world a better place.

Goldie Blox is a role model.

She’s not afraid to pick up a hammer

and build whatever she dreams up next.

This doesn’t make her a tomboy,

she is just…herself.

So when you close your eyes

and imagine what an engineer is supposed to look like…

there is no mold.

Why, that engineer could be you!

So go ahead and build with Goldie.

You won’t believe how fun engineering really is!

Sure, it’s not always easy.

You have to use your brain.

But when you try and try and finally figure it out…

it’s pure magic!

You can be anything. Go anywhere.

Once you learn how stuff is made,

you can make it YOUR way.

You can build your story.


20 thoughts on “The Girl

  1. Hi Rori,

    I got a facebook message from my friend Abbie that you and your family were looking for some volunteers to help test out some wonderful new products and my family would love to help out. Please let us know how we would be able to help out. Thank you and looking forward to some fun and smart toys for girls!

    • Hi Jackie, This is Debbie, a friend of Rori’s and the founder of Goldie Blox. I’m very eager to test our toy prototype and get your feedback, thanks so much for reaching out. I’ll follow up with an email to you right away.

      • Hello!
        I belong to a group on FB and a member shared this your most recent post. I am also a mother to a 4 y/o and would be happy to volunteer! My background is in education but I work with engineers in a STEM education nonprofit now. One of our programs has a special focus with young ladies. Thank you for sharing this passion.

      • Thanks so much for offering to volunteer for testing, Vanessa! I’m familiar with Iridescent and a big fan of the work you guys do. I’ll shoot you an email in the next couple days to schedule a playdate with your daughter!

  2. Hi, Barb Carman referred me to this site as we work togtherr and she knows my four year old daughter, Lily. Lily and I would love to volunteer and help your business grow… please let me know how we can help! This is very exciting to us!

    • Hi Jessica,

      Thanks so much and yes, I would love to test out the Goldie Blox toy prototype with you and Lily! I’ll follow up with an email tomorrow morning to go into specifics. Thanks again for reaching out 🙂


  3. I am so very proud of you! Let me know what I can do to help you out. I have nothing but free time and what better way to spend it.
    Love you,

  4. Hi there,
    My sister forwarded me your URL knowing that Goldieblox would be of interest to me. My daughter Lucia is 3.5 years old and has an 8 y.o. brother who is NUTS about Legos. She is teetering on the edge of interest and disinterest in Legos. And I am fascinated to see what she decides. She loves Magnatiles, Straws & Connectors and Citiblocs for sure, spending hours making shapes and designs and homes for her ponies and dolls. Honestly, I am disappointed by the new Lego sets “for girls”– Lucia shows no interest in them and I don’t blame her. I am very curious about what you all are up to. If you need a young tester, please let us know? We’re excited to support your efforts. That old lego ad of the little girl so proud of her creation made me get all choked up. Reminds me of me as a little girl, before everything designed “for girls” had to be pink and purple. Thanks! –Elisa

    • Hi Elisa,

      Thanks so much for your post – it’s so interesting to hear about Lucia and yes, we would love to see her reaction to our prototype. I’ll follow up with an email shortly in hopes we can put something on the calendar!


  5. We’d love to test creative toys or even hold a toy testing party, but we’re on the upper end of your age range – 5th graders. As far as toys go, we’re mostly into clay (Fimo dough) right now.

    • Hi Alison,

      Thanks so much for offering! You guys are in the upper end of the age range but we definitely want to expand to a wider audience eventually. I’ve got your email and I’ll be in touch as soon as we create something we can test with you guys.

      Will be in touch,

  6. I’ve got an 8-yr-old who would love to play! We also have a group of girl scouts and softball players her age who would be interested I’m sure. Most of them do not have parents who speak English or have email access but the girls are together for various activities. They all really need to connect with the vision you paint and now is such a great age before they head toward middle school in a few years. I also have a bunch of first-generation college students in community college who are engineering and science majors. Our Women in Science & Engineering club might really enjoy meeting some of you who are starting the company. We’re in Stanford’s backyard…

  7. Hello Debbie!
    My name is Grace Cho and I am currently a Junior at Castro Valley High School. I was inspired at your speech and presentation to us at NCYLS on Saturday. I really wanted to tell you, “Thank you.”, for being such a role model and risk taker. You’re like an Oprah Winfrey, a woman who empowers other woman to take steps whether big or small and take action with boldness. Your work ethics and perseverance has motivated me to do the same in my studies and work. The story about how you were frustrated and mad when you started your Engineer Art Class and then how you kept on going pushes me to do the same in my studies: keep on going because you can do it! So thank you Debbie! You’re an awesome leader!

  8. Hi,
    I am a Digital Literacy Coach, supporting learning through technology for around 3000 students at the American School in Mexico City, and the mother of two girls ages 3 and 6. I love your product and I am excited to hear about all of the updates. If you ever decide you want to send the “manifesto” out in Spanish as well I would be happy to have my kids and ask their friends help. My daughters are fully bi-lingual. I can also see possibilities for educational connections and would be willing to collaborate with you, if you every want feedback in that area. Good luck! Congratulations!

  9. This is great, but… do we have to emphasize what she is not? Even if it’s just maybe not? Some girls like being tomboys… or nerds, even quite young. Why reinforce that those are bad things to be in this inspiration? I think it conveys a more inclusive message if we just talk about what goldieblox is in a way that allows the most girls to identify with her.

  10. Great work on this! One tiny quibble….”she’s not a tomboy” …..there’s nothing wrong with being a tomboy, or a girly girl, or whatever…maybe that line could be re-thought.

  11. I write for a living. Don’t make edits. Leave it exactly the way it is. I love generating ideas, and I am impressed at how much thought went into your product. I work with so many people who skip this step, they aren’t like Goldie, they ARE afraid of hard work. They are afraid of research.

  12. Hi Debbie!
    I’m working with Brigham Young University—Idaho and we’re working with our Mechanical Engineering program to try and build diversity. We’re specifically trying to increase the number of women in our program.

    Any info as to how you believe women could be more focused on so we can build that diversity would help more than you could possibly imagine!

    My email is:

    Or I’ll just keep checking this message board to see if you responded at all.

    You’re wonderful and I love what you’re doing!

    -Jason Lucas

  13. Debbie, I am a preschool teacher for 29 four year old children in Indiana. I have been setting up my block section to attract all genders and recently read from the American Engineering Society about how adding ramps with balls really escalates interest in the ‘building’ area of the classroom. I am planning on introducing that soon when the school year has progressed a little longer. I am also introducing a magnetic game called fridgets which is a magnetic marble race that is set up by trial and error on a magnetic surface using ramps and pendulums and spinners til it finally reaches a bottom collector dish. I am trying to make physics, engineering, architecture and science in general, appeal to as much of my class as possible and entice them to participate. I would love to try to use Goldie Blox in the classroom as a ‘learning center’ and am trying to figure out how I can finance several sets to facilitate this. As many of the above blogs mention I would be happy to trial any of your new inventions with my class and give you feedback. I love challenging my students and find trying to come up with new approaches and ideas to stimulate their interest keeps me on my toes.

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