The Movement

GoldieBlox is a toy company out to inspire the next generation of female engineers by creating construction toys tailored to young girls.

Research shows that the earlier kids get interested in math and science, the more likely they are to go into those fields as adults. Unfortunately, girls are losing interest in math and science as young as age 8. Take a walk through a toy store and you can begin to see why; the “blue aisle” is filled with construction toys and chemistry sets, while the “pink aisle” is filled with princesses and dolls. It’s time we gave girls more options.

GoldieBlox is a series of interactive books + construction toys starring Goldie, a curious girl with a love of engineering. Goldie’s stories encourage girls to build, developing the spatial skills that are fundamental to engineering. As she goes on adventures with her friends, she comes across problems that she must solve by building simple machines. As the story unfolds, the girls get to build what Goldie builds. Through the downloadable e-book app, kids get to hear the story narrated and receive helpful hints and tips to enrich the building experience.

The effectiveness of GoldieBlox isn’t based on assumption. We spent a year researching gender differences, talking with Harvard neuroscientists, and observing children’s play patterns. GoldieBlox’s stories leverage girls’ advanced verbal skills to help develop and build self-confidence in their spatial skills.

So why are female engineers important? There are a few reasons.

Firstly, engineering and tech are two of the fastest growing fields in job creation. As it stands, 11% of engineers are women. This creates a large disparity in job opportunities between men and women in these fields, with women already leading up a mere 3% of tech startups.

Secondly, engineers are literally building our world, from the products we use to the way we communicate to the cities we inhabit. That means that men, who make up 50% the population, are making decisions for 100% of the population. That ratio has to change, and it has to change now.

GoldieBlox is more than a toy; it’s a movement. It gives girls a much-needed role model through Goldie that is smart, curious, brave, and someone they can identify with. She has the potential to get girls interested in engineering, develop their spatial reasoning skills, and build self-confidence in their problem-solving ability. She helps break the stereotype that engineering is a “boys only” club. This means that GoldieBlox will nurture a generation of girls who are more confident, courageous and tech-savvy, giving them a real opportunity to contribute to the progress made by engineers in our society.

It’s 2013. It’s about time we opened our girls’ minds beyond the pink aisle at the toy store.

It’s time to build a new story so our girls can help build our future.


15 thoughts on “The Movement

  1. You guys are incredible. I love that you have decided to share your story with the world and I can’t wait to see where it takes you. Please keep me in mind and let me know how I can help : )

    • Absolutely. We’ll keep your offer in mind, Evan! And don’t you worry- we’ll be keeping tabs on ReWork too 🙂

  2. I love this idea and love to see you executing so well on it! I’m SB LA ’11, Ajoy is my good bud from college, and Jamie is my amazing sis – she just told me about some of the conversations she’s been having with your team re: the education aspects of Goldie. Cheering for you all the way!

  3. I’m so excited to be getting our GoldieBlox soon! We ordered 5 to share with cousins and friends and anyone who will listen to me blab on about how great toys like this are.
    How can I get “More Than Just a Princess” shirts for myself and my daughter??

  4. Any chance you’ll start selling the t-shirts in the video for adults as well as kids? I wish I had toys like that growing up. Luckily my parents gave me Tinkertoys, LEGOs and blocks.

  5. I have often told my son that if I had a better foundation in math at his age, I would have been a marine biologist or an anthropologist. I have always loved science, much to the chagrin of my Mom and sisters, I would often take makeup, colorful lipstick, eyeshadows, various soaps and other liquids, glitter, etc and make “chemistry” sets of my own. Oops, the truth is out. Now little girls can have it all and I say, GO GOLDIE GIRLS!!

  6. My girls LOVE the toy. I love the movement, and I love watching their brother hang over their shoulders begging to play with it. (And I’m kind of excited when they say no!) Thank you!!!

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