The Buzz

The Atlantic: “Can A Kids Toy Bring More Women into Engineering

Huffington Post:  “Can GoldieBlox, AKA Legos For Girls, Entice More Girls To Be Engineers?

Tech Crunch: “Hands-On With GoldieBlox, The Toy That Wants To Make Girls Fall In Love With Engineering

The Maker Mom: “GoldieBlox: STEM Girl Friday

Mommyish: “Goldie Blox Does What LEGO Friends Wishes It Could, Gets Girls’ Building Toys Right

Wired: “GoldieBlox Hits a Sweet Spot for Getting Girls Excited About Engineering

FastCoExist: GoldieBlox: “A Toy and Book Series Designed to Get Young Girls Interested In Engineering

GeekWire: “Meet the GoldieBlox: An Engineering Toy Just for Girls

Creativity Online: “Debbie Sterling: GoldieBlox

GOOD:  “Inspiring Girls to Become Engineers
GoldieBlox: The Toy That Wants To Make Girls Fall In Love With Engineering

Female Computer Scientist:  “Signal Boost: Help get GoldieBlox off the ground

Not Nominated:  “Help Kickstart Goldie Blox, Girl Engineer

PeakGeek: “GoldieBlox: The Engineering Toy For Girls


8 thoughts on “The Buzz

  1. I am so very excited for you. I can’t wait to see what the ratio of female to male enigineers will be in 10 years. I think you have found a way to make a spark happen. When I started working as an engineer in 1982 I was one female of 42 engineers in our department. Guess what I got the decorating projects, they were sure I would enjoy them more….. I argued and my next project was working with 10 foot diameter gears that were 60 years old, much more interesting than painting and ordering furniture. I believe the ratio in 1983 was about 10% and I don’t think it has changed much. I think you and Goldie will spark a change.

  2. can’t wait to buy the game for our daughter. We live in New Zealand and haven’t been able to order with NZ credit card. We can’t wait to get it here!

  3. Kudos! I think this is awesome and much needed. My only suggestion (and I have not seen the book so perhaps you’ve already addressed this) is that Goldi be showing wearing a variety of outfits from jeans to skirts to dresses to ballerina outfits and princess dressses. To be a truley great female role model, she should also demonstrate that girls don’t have to wear boy clothes -i.e. bib overalls, to be successful engineers.

  4. Ours arrived today, March 19! My visiting grand daughters, ages 3 and 4, are totally engaged. Such fun to watch their eyes light up with their successes at problem solving!

  5. Even if a girl plays with this and becomes a physicist or a piano technician instead of an engineer, it will expand her mind and open her world to endless possibilities. Go GoldieBlox!!

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