One Year Later

MayaLast year at this time, I was sitting cross-legged on the floor of Debbie’s apartment in San Francisco, which was also dubbed as GoldieBlox headquarters. There was a charm in working out of her Lower Haight apartment: running up and down three stories of staircases to move our cars before the street-cleaners came and ticketed, frantically shutting all the windows as the blaring siren of a firetruck drove by while Debbie was on a call, taking turns using the laptop chargers and wall plugs.

I cannot stress how much has changed. I’m currently typing away in a beautiful brick office in Oakland, sitting in front of a sunshine yellow wall plastered with one hundred pictures of adorable little girls playing with GoldieBlox. Last year at this time, there was one single GoldieBlox prototype. Here at the office, there’s a room devoted entirely to storing GoldieBlox toys (in addition to the warehouse!), and there are thousands of toys in the hands of little girls all around the world.

Thankfully, not everything has changed: we still listen to Pandora in the background, drink alarming amounts of coffee, and share one laptop charger. We love playing with the GoldieBlox pieces and showing each other our creations, whether it be Goldie the Ninja Skier or the Goldie Gate Bridge. Yet just as we play hard, we work harder.

The Goldie Team is incredible, not only because of the amount of work everyone gets done, but also because each member is working for something beyond the company. The Goldie Team works for the mission, to inspire the next generation of female engineers, and it couldn’t be more apparent. Just look at the gold wall behind me.