Whoa! Did you see that? It all happened so fast and with a whirling blur of gold, but there’s little doubt that GOLDIEBLOX HAS LANDED!

From San Jose to the south of France – everyone is talking about the new toy that will inspire future generations of engineers. Everyone.

Even here in tiny Rhode Island, Goldie has popped up in newspapers, on Facebook, in videos and even in conversations with strangers. It’s incredible! It’s exciting! It’s a little creepy…

I mean who is Goldie exactly? And who are these pals of hers? How did she make it through customs with a veritable zoo of friends and a belt full of tools? Just what are they up to with this spinning machine?

Also, how is it even possible for a relatively unknown girl to suddenly be everywhere? Is Goldie going for Santa’s job? Is this some sort of surprise spring attack? New toys in March? Madness!

PLUS she’s stepped onto the scene and has promised to shake things up. It’s no longer just pink or princesses or fashion frills for girls.

I’ll tell you this, if I hadn’t grown up with Debbie and Steph, I’d be rounding up the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa and Cupid screaming “HELP! INVASION! GOLDIE’S COMING AND SHE’S CHANGING EVERYTHING!”

In light of these very well tempered and well-reasoned concerns, I decided to look around for some answers.

So I asked my friend Dr. Magee.

You see, Dr. Magee is not only an experienced educator; he’s also a father of three girls. When I asked him what he thought about GoldieBlox he didn’t hesitate:

“I was thrilled to find not just a role model for girls interested in science, but a path to generating that interest and actualization in the first place. Great game, even greater cause!”

Fine, I thought, but what about this cast of characters she’s associated with? Surely they’re up to no good – especially this Nacho guy.

Dr. Magee said he would provide me with some footage that may help my case and sure enough Nacho was no where to be found:


Goldie and the rest of the gang have a pass for now but I’ve got my eye on Nacho and I’m keeping watch here on the East Coast for any more signs of total Goldie domination.

Until next time…Hammer on!


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