It Runs in the Family

Hello everyone!  I’d like to introduce myself as the newest member of the GoldieBlox team.  My name is Stephanie and my official role here at Goldie is “People Person” – something I’ll talk more about in a minute. First, I wanted to let you all in on a little secret…

I’m also Debbie’s little sister!


Before I go forward I want to take you all back to the very beginning. Before GoldieBlox. Before Kickstarter. Before Stanford. And even before me.

Debbie was three when I decided to come along and by then she had already developed a pretty active imagination.  Outgoing and determined, she would put together short skits and created games that almost always included me. I didn’t mind. In fact, I thought it was cool having someone as creative as her to look up to.

But then, high school came along and suddenly Debbie was not just my big sister; she was also a senior and I was just a mere freshman.

Suddenly, it became clear that keeping up with my big sis would be a tall order – both literally and figuratively.

Back then; it felt like no matter what I did, Debbie would always be faster than me, smarter than me and more likely to amaze our parents!

Take this for an example: One day I discovered the white shark bite was discontinued from our favorite fruit snacks.  I told our parents I was going to write a letter to the company. Impressed, they encouraged me to do it and so I let my big sister in on the plan.

Well, what did Debbie do? She managed to get nearly our entire school to sign a petition to boycott the fruit snack if the flavor didn’t come back.  And you know what? It did. Along with a year’s supply and an apology from the company.

She was always one-upping me! But this time the consequences were sweet…for the both  of us.

Since then I realized Debbie and I didn’t have to be in competition.  In fact, I learned that when sisters work together as a team the results are even more fulfilling! (I mentioned the year’s supply of fruit snacks, right?)

So now here we are. Debbie has created this amazing new toy and has decided to include me.  And I’m thrilled.

I packed up my whole life and moved here to San Francisco to help my big sis and the GoldieBlox dream come true.

I’m so excited about this new adventure that I’ve been wearing my GoldieBlox hoodie since I started.  Seriously, it’s getting funky.

But it’s all for a good cause.  And if I can help get this toy in the hands of a child, and get them exploring spatial relations, so one day they can become the next great engineer, inventor, creator, designer or you-name-it…then that’s a job well done. Smelly sweatshirt and all.

These first two weeks have been, well, challenging. After finding a new place to live, locating a new favorite pizza place, navigating new roads and getting my puppy Riley all settled I was tuckered out. And, honestly, a little lost.


Now, Debbie and the whole GoldieBlox team, evidently, don’t sleep so resting wasn’t really an option for me. I’ve had to jump right in and start figuring things out…like what it means to be a “People Person.”

Now this part involves you so, as Goldie says: Listen up!

I am your official go-to-girl. I am your troubleshooter, your question answerer, package tracker and all-around problem solver. I respond to emails, answer telephones, write blogs and provide you with Goldien customer service.

Think of me as Goldie’s tool belt. I’m here to make sure everyone and everything stays in place. So if you have a question, or concern, or idea, or comment let me know! I’m here.

-Stephanie, GoldieBlox “People Person”

Ps- From time to time I may come here to dish a little on my big sister Debbie and give you some behind the scenes GoldieBlox info only a sister can provide. Until next time… hammer on!


3 thoughts on “It Runs in the Family

  1. As a little sister of an ambitious big sister, I can relate to all you said. I can also relate to the admiration I have for my big sister too. She is my inspiration and motivation to accomplish things in life and to be a better person.
    Please contact us about Debbie or you Stephanie speaking at an entrepreneurial conference at Michigan and mini-preneurial conference. 🙂 I love that video on your facebook page too, can we get this girl to come as well.?

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