It’s official. I am the CEO and Founder of GoldieBlox, Inc.

I’m proud to be a woman in charge. Get this: only 2% of the top executive positions in the US are held by women. Oh, and only 3.6% of Fortune 500 companies are run by women. Not to get ahead of myself here, but I want to make this list one day. I want to boost those numbers.

Of course, making that list will require me to understand all the jargon I’ve had to teach myself over the last few weeks regarding starting a company. “Double trigger acceleration”, “Bylaws”, “Cliff versus No Cliff”, “Vesting”, “C-corp versus S-corp”,  “NSO’s”, “Par Value”, “Bridge Financing”, “Convertible Debt”, “ICA’s”, “Indemnification”, oh the list goes on and on for about 50 pages of every legal document I need to sign. And I thought engineering was hard!

I’ve taken on two summer interns who I brought with me to listen in on a meeting with my financial adviser. They were bored out of their minds, of course, but more importantly, they couldn’t believe I knew what all these things were. Neither could I! Turns out as painful as it is, I’m learning something new.

If you find yourself starting a company and need someone to help you navigate this stuff, give me a call. I’ll probably send you here. We will figure it out.

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About debrasterling

Debbie Glasband is a jane of all trades – product designer, writer, illustrator, brand strategist and marketer. She’s (one of the too few) women who graduated with an Engineering degree from Stanford in 2005. Since then, she’s done branding consulting for T-Mobile, Microsoft, Organic Valley and the New York Knicks. In the nonprofit world, she volunteered in rural India for 6 months and then launched “I Want a Goat,”one of the first viral fundraising campaigns. Her passion? Utilizing the power of branding, design and humor to make real change in people’s lives. Her favorite toy growing up? Playmobil.

7 thoughts on “Incorporated.

  1. Congrats Debbie and the rest of the GoldieBlox team. Wishing you luck and success from (Goldie)Block Island, Rhode Island. Can’t wait to see you flourish!

  2. Congratulations, Debra!! Your great new toys will go a long way to bridging the gender cap in engineering. I’ve long been toying (pun intended!) with the idea of developing a line of toys designed to stimulate & grow girls’ interest in math, science, engineering, business & finance. That’s why I was so excited to see you developing GoldieBlox. Thanks for your inspiration for girls & for your leadership inspiring women to start companies!!

  3. Love your work – and with a niece and loads of friends with daughters I am probably going to be one of your best customers.

    I graduated in Science, and now work in IT/online projects which is mostly men. I have been frustrated at the huge divide between the passive and pink girls toys and the boys toys. I can’t wait to see what you’re going to build next.

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