the power of storytelling

Stories have immense power. They can move someone to tears, to anger, to inspiration, and (most notably) to action. When you hear the right story at the right moment you find yourself passionate about something that had never crossed your radar before. It burrows into your subconscious, incubating in the warmth of your passion and depth of your empathy. You start sharing the story with everyone you know, releasing it out into the wild so that it can roam free and inspire others as it has inspired you. You start using the story as a motivator to do things you were too afraid to do before…to send that email, to ask for that favor, to quit that job. You start building your own story, using the first story as a springboard for your own narrative.

This is what happened to me when I met Debbie, and this is exactly what the intention is at Goldie Blox; to share inspiring stories about inspiring women.

Debbie’s passion and unwavering determination to inspire the next generation of female engineers is outright contagious. We met (along with Lynn) at StartingBloc’s Institute for Social Innovation back in February. She got up and told everyone her story; how more women were needed in the engineering field, how early childhood play has a big impact on what kids aspire to be when they grow up, and how she never would have thought about engineering if a teacher hadn’t told her she’d kick butt at it. It made us all reflect on the toys that inspired us during our childhood, and by golly was she right! When I was a kid I loved games like DreamPhone and Clue because you could get into the characters’ heads and put the pieces together to solve the mystery. It taught me empathy, astute observation, and creative problem solving. Today I am a design researcher and a teacher, and in both professions empathy, astute observation and creative problem solving are KEY in creating positive impact.

So now it’s Goldie’s turn to tell her story. The ultimate goal of Goldie Blox isn’t toy sales or fame; it’s storytelling. So here’s the beginning of Goldie’s story, and I’m sure it will move many to action as it has done for me.

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About debrasterling

Debbie Glasband is a jane of all trades – product designer, writer, illustrator, brand strategist and marketer. She’s (one of the too few) women who graduated with an Engineering degree from Stanford in 2005. Since then, she’s done branding consulting for T-Mobile, Microsoft, Organic Valley and the New York Knicks. In the nonprofit world, she volunteered in rural India for 6 months and then launched “I Want a Goat,”one of the first viral fundraising campaigns. Her passion? Utilizing the power of branding, design and humor to make real change in people’s lives. Her favorite toy growing up? Playmobil.

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